Ingenieure bei der Arbeit im Büro Referenzen

SynEnergie GmbH, Fulda

Überlandwerk Fulda AG

Eisenwerk Brühl GmbH

wood chip heating plants and local heating networks development, WCH plant and cooling system optimization Development of air conditioning and ventilation systems for headquarters, office, information central Development and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, cooling systems and refrigerating plants, soundproof system for noise-sensitive environment, dust extraction and transport systems
SynEnergie Überlandwerke Fulda Eisenwerk Brühl

000 Nemtask, Moskau

Sparkasse Fulda

Preh, Bad Neustadt

Development and execution of a whole residence in Moscow, climate control, sanitation, baths and swimming pool, measurement, control and regulation technology, electricity and safety engineering Air conditioning development for service building with “Bauer optimization technology” Study on heating energy supply
000 Nemtask, Moskau Sparkasse Fulda Preh Bad Neustadt

Gemeinde Hosenfeld

Bar Pepe, Köln

Development of reclamation on an open air pool including solar systems technology Development and individual installation, reclamation of kitchen exhaust air
Gemeinde Hosenfeld Tapas Bar pepe, Köln